Hanshi Daigo Ohishi is the president of the IKO World So-Kyokushin. He became a pupil of Kyokushin Kaikan So honbu dojo in 1969. He won the 3rd prize of the 3rd Japan Tournament and 4th prize of the 6th All Japan Tournament. And in the memorable 1st World Tournament he won the 4th prize. Because of his excellent record, he became Sosai's Uchideshi and was given masterful instruction for 5 years. His foot work was sharp and called 'Yoto Muramasa'. Because Ohishi Shihan's technique had a sharpness and deadly force that reminded Oyama Sosai of this famous sword 'Yoto Muramasa'. He was also acclaimed as the "genius of kick work" by Sosai Oyama. He established the Yamanashi branch in 1976. He also established the Shizuoka branch in 1977.

 "...I do not want BIG organization. I want to make one for those who loves Karate, want continue what Sosai left us..."